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After reading these  notes, look to the left, and click on "Forecasts"

Simply follow the instructions. 

Suppose you are trying to decide the date of a wedding a year away and you need a fine day. Or you are planning a family trip to the ski field slopes. You may be a farmer who only wants to employ a hay contractor when the weather is dry for 4-6 days running. You can find all that out in minutes. We have NZ, Ireland, and Australia in our  online database, for any date between now and 2030. We are continually extending this. 

Cost: 6.90 for one week

This is a one week minimum. Allow for an error factor on either side, as there is always a one or two-day leeway in all weather forecasting. We have 70 weather stations in NZ and all counties in Ireland represented. For AUSTRALIA, there is room on our website for the main towns, but as we cannot list over 5,000 weather stations please email with your request.

Longrange weather predicting

There are many articles elsewhere on this website about how we think the Sun and Moon influence weather. We use  astrometeorology, which is solid science and taught in many universities under names such as astronomy, solar physics, oceanography, meteorology and volcanology. It boils down to the ancient theory that there is not only a tide in the water, but also in the interfaced air above the ocean, and also in the connected land beneath the waves. Observed connections between moon, tides and weather, i.e. cycles, are still part of mariners' and aviators' training manuals, for example the current Australian Aviators Manual identifies the atmospheric tide. Weather balloons have been observed to float higher on new and full moon days, which proves that there are king tides in the air. Therefore, weather is cyclic, and being the tide of the atmosphere, it has occurred before.  So, the obvious question is, why don't meteorologists recognise this? 

Answer: because of money. They know, but it is not profitable to look too far ahead. The insurance industry, the reconstruction organizations, the research funding industry for "global warming", the media high sales (through making up doom and gloom stories) would all have to stop if people knew they could prepare against floods, droughts, etc. But simply look up dates in the past for  e.g. cyclones. You'll see heavy rain where it fell. As the result of our research the files were loaded on the back end of the website and have been sitting there since 2009. 

As an example, look up 6 February 2024, for Hastings. Why does it predict heavy rain that day? Because we expected the return of an ex-tropical cyclone. What occurred? Rain throughout the North Island. 

Thanks for visiting, 

Ken Ring and team

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