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Snow Report 2010 to 2020

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 11, 2010   25 May

Report on the snow seasons, 2010 to 2020

A longrange view on what to expect this year and beyond for the snowfields of NZ, and an overview of how it will pan out right to 2020. Basically 2010 should be a late season and getting later in years to come. A lean 2 or 3 year period is approaching, after which the good snow seasons will return. Avoid a certain month this year as there may be too much precipitation then.  So when would be a good time to hit the slopes?                                                                                             


Monthly report packages (up to 2mg in size) are now being made available before the start of each new month as emailed pdfs, at a cost of no more than $9NZ each, which is under $6 AUSD and 3-5EURO, depending on report size. They will each include fishing, gardening and weather diaries, rain and frost distribution, severe weather warnings and later, lookahead snow information. Before every month begins we will have Australia, NZ and Ireland Reports and notes. Please go to E-books to scroll for these. Link :


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