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Pacific Tropical Cyclones 2014-15


This report may be of use to yacht people, cruisers, resort owners and residents of the Pacific Islands. For each day well in advance, weather trends may be read for any of the region between Solomons/New Caledonia and the outer Cooks and as far south as NZ  In this special report you will be receiving 6-months of weather predictions for about 30cents per day.  

For accuracy, check out the below maps. The first was prepared by the Fiji metservice to describe conditions on 22 November. It was prepared from satellite readouts over the past 24-hours .


The next map is our equivalent, redrawn in some cases and adjusted, and estimated from over a year back. This map is earmarked as 20 November, but leeway in longrange forecasting is about 1-3 days.

The maps are accurate enough to enable longterm planning. Accuracy for this longrange method has been assessed at 80-90%.

The cost is 49.95NZD

To order, simply go to E-books, then scroll to the Report and then go to checkout. Then just follow the instructions. You can then plan your sailing activities or Pacific Island cruise ship experience accordingly.

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