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After the Interview


The Interview

It seems people are interested in the lunar theory and as a result of some 1500 requests to TV3, I was invited on to the Campbell Live show to share my views. Those who watched saw that I didn’t really get a chance to tell people what I was invited along for, particularly relating to the Christchurch earthquakes.  That was disappointing but many have expressed how they felt about it and I thank them all for that support.  The next morning at 7.25am JC rang me on my cellphone with an apology and that seemed reasonable but I thought the apology fell short and it seems many others did too.



The Methodology

For those that don’t know, the theory on the forecasting of earthquakes is a combination of unique factors all occurring at the same time, they relate to:

-       Perigee (closest earth moon distance for the month)

-       Moons Phase (full moon or new moon)

-       King Tide (around the time of the king tide which varies in duration and strength)

-       Moon Distance from earth (being a bigger impact the closest the moon is to the earth)

-       Other Solar Influences


On the graph below you can see the pattern of earthquake timings.  As can be seen, the potential for another is indicated around the 20th March.  We suggest to give or take a few days because this doesn’t occur on one single day,  rather it is a short period of time where a trend may be occurring.


We may note that stronger earthquakes occur when all unique factors are happening at once, particularly with larger king tides and closer perigees (closest distance from earth to moon for the month).  It is worth noting that the moon will be the closest to the earth for the whole year on the 20th March, and the closest since 1993 and won’t be as close again until 2016. This does not mean it is massively closer than at other closest-perigees in recent years, only that it is among the closer dates.


The top 25 earthquakes are listed below where they have occurred in Christchurch.  The table does not include the hundreds of smaller quakes that occur between king tides. Smaller events that come within a day or so may be considered aftershocks, as waves may be after a large tide. But larger shakes that happen a month later may be considered as new events.


April may be the last month in this sequence because after that, the moon starts to move further away, in terms of earth - moon distance, and loses gravitational influence. Also solar factors e g  the Jupiter / Saturn opposition, which cause increased radiation that affect earth's magnetic field, diminish. There are therefore two main periods to be vigilante around, 19-21 March and 17-18 April, after which perhaps people might consider returning to the area to rebuild. There may still be smaller tremors later, but with less potential for the same scale of destruction.





A short visit to Wikipedia, or Google, requesting “moon and earthquakes”, will reveal that the theory is not made up by us, but constitutes a large body of respected scientific research worldwide. e.g.


Other published studies include:


Earth Tides Can Trigger Shallow Thrust Fault Earthquakes

Extract: A recent study of seismicity in Japan, showed Earthquake-Tidy correlation in sub regions, with the best correlations found in regions that experienced a large earthquake. Our study shows a statistically significant increase in triggering of globally distributed large tectonic events (M>5.5) with increasing tidal stress amplitudes”


Are Earthquakes Encouraged by High Tides?

Extract: Solid-earth tides are caused by the pull of the moon and sun's gravity on the Earth. The Earth's solid mass has enough elasticity that it behaves similarly to ocean tides but to a much lesser degree.


China Earthquake predicted by relationship with lunar-tide cycles and other unusual activity

Extract: “In China on February 4, 1975, the people of Haicheng were successfully evacuated right before a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the school! The decision to evacuate the city was taken primarily because of the strange behavior of animals. Most of the city was destroyed but all of the people in the city were evacuated before the earthquake. Almost 90,000 lives were saved. A retired‚ geologist from California, says that he can predict an earthquake just by counting missing pet ads in the newspaper and correlating this relationship to lunar-tide cycles. He claims to have 75% accuracy using this method. James has been saving and counting missing pet ads for many.


Evidence for tidal triggering of earthquakes from statistical analysis of global data


These are what is called "peer review" articles. They show the international science community is very actively linking moon positions to earthquakes. To deny this, as Campbell did after being sent these links before the first interview, is to completely fabricate truth. When the request by the TV3 producer was made to me to reappear on the programme for the next night's apology, I asked her for an admission to be made by Campbell that he had lied, because he knew scientific studies at a high level linking moon+earthquakes had indeed been done and that were ongoing. They refused.



It was inferred by John Campbell that I was instilling fear in the hearts of the long-suffering people of Christchurch - this is not the case.  I simply offer suggestions of larger-quake times to forewarn, drawing on over 30 years of observing the properites of the lunar cycle, and thus far our predictions of some of the recent larger earthquakes have been useful to many who say they took extra precautions.  On February 14 we warned of the possibility of a significantly-sized earthquake in the following 7-10 days in Christchurch

We now know it happened within the warned-of time period. Nearly all our incoming emails seem to have found our warnings beneficial as it enables better planning around the dates, and subsequentally relieves stress. It also provides another point of view to that expressed by GNS, and the more viewpoints the better. The public can make up their own minds as to how to cope in this terrible time of uncertainty if they are given maximum information from a variety of sources. Lately the geonet sciences have also expressed the need to take care around 19-21 March.


I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those who have made their feelings known by sending messages to TV3 and postings on facebook and various other internet pages.


kind regards





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