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No meltdown, touch wood


Dancing with stars

The hills are alive with the sound of money

Global warming may not be so bad

The next half of 2014

What is in the air cannot affect weather

Truth on Steroids

More to Glaciers than Melts the Ice

No Reason for a Carbon Tax

Wives tales and Weather

Our Inconstant Dwarf

Why the 1959 drought may return around 2019

Winter notes for 2014 for Christchurch

The Atmospheric heat engine

What some may not know about Easter

Christchurch is a water city like Venice

El Nino this year? Probably not.

Earthquakes perhaps not our main concern

Global warmers glad to see the back of 2013


Teach your children well


Prepare for a hot summer


Plenty of oil


Looking after – the planet?


Climate changers dancing in the streets


White lies in winter

Pour yourself a beer for science

The Confusing Moon

Earth is Blue, not green

Copernicus please come back


The Big One


The Moon and Cook Strait earthquakes


Wondering where the warming went


Heatwaves and heavy snow


Drought next year in Northland? Depends what you mean by drought.


Supermoon coming soon


Event diary


Seek and ye shall find


What goes around


Why climate is unlikely to be changing


Chem trails and earthquakes

Severe winter ahead


Waves cause wind, not vice versa


Drought of commonsense


Cycles on the Sun


Hang on farmers, rain is coming


Cyclone years are predictable


Long runs of fine weather over for the north?


Weather to come in 2013


Nothing can warm the globe


Just for the record


Is summer about to end?


Moon winds


Volcanoes do not change climate


Are weather and climate different?


Imagine no global warming, it's easy if you try


Plastic bags get a bad wrap


Summer for travellers


The Climate of Science Change


The full moon and Hurricane Sandy


Weather is not fickle


What will November bring?


Consensus now achieved


The heat waves and floods of 2013


The sealevel and the kettle


Summer outlook


The holes in the ozone story


What climate change?


Weather until November


The Kyoto Swindle


Science is never settled


Cyclone season may be a fizzer


The next big earthquakes


Don't touch it with a barge pole


Do environmentalists endanger the planet?


Dark morning in November


The Christchurch plan - no great shakes


Will there be any more snow this winter?


More bad weather to come


The Wind Trade


Weather for the Olympics


The Sounds of Silence


Don’t scream, it’s over


Remind me, what are we fighting for


You can’t trust your barometer


Fearing the clouds


Noticing Venus in passing


Why the weather was different when we were kids


Can we affect the weather?


Oil running out? Perhaps not


Traditional earthquake myths revisited


The deception of rising sea levels


China's pollution won't affect the world


If the planets could laugh


Is NZ getting more earthquakes?


Bad moon rising


What's the outlook for winter?


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