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Weather to come in 2013


pic: Mt Maunganui, by Owen Genty-Nott

For the country autumn and early winter may be warm and wet, mid winter cold and wet, late winter cold and dry, and spring cool and wet. Early summer may be wet with average temperatures. Apart from May and November drier than average the southern hydrolakes have healthy levels. Sunshine levels won’t vary much from average except for a cloudier October.


Here is a brief summary of what to expect in coming months:


April:   Warm and wet.

Overall for the country it may be wetter than average, with torrential rain for two weeks after 8th in the North Island. Around 28th heavy falls and flooding may affect Bay of Plenty, unsettled also for the top of the South Island and SI West Coast. In the second half of April, possible floods for Coromandel and Wellington and wet at top of the South Island. 


May: Sunny and mild.

In the first week there may be the chances of flood in Taranaki. Mid May begins four warm weeks for NZ. In the second half of the month, it goes dry for Canterbury. Around the 26th expect heavy falls and floods in the Central Plateau, Taranaki, SI West Coast and Southland.


June: Stormy.

June, a wet month for NZ, and in the second week snow arrives in both islands but not cold enough to establish a base. Around 23rd expect heavy rains Auckland southwards. It may also be unsettled for the top of the South Island, for Christchurch and S Canterbury, with some possible ensuing  flooding.


July: Cold and snowy.

Much widespread snow and rain is expected. Around 22nd heavy rains and flooding are likely from Northland to Central Plateau, also on the SI West Coast and the top of the South Island.


August: Cold but average precipitation.

The first 10 days is fairly average for both islands, but in the second or third week expect heavy rain and snow. Canterbury and S Canterbury have significant rain 12th-15th followed by possible flooding around 19th. Heavy falls flood North Island places except for Gis/HB and the South Island may be very wet for the West Coast and Nelson.


September : Wet South Island but dry top half of North Island

Much precipitation and snow is likely mid-month in both islands. Around 16th big rainfalls and flood potential may cross the North Island except Gis/HB, and the South Island West Coast, the top regions, Canterbury, S Canterbury and coastal Otago. Best time for skiing is around 21st.


October: Cloudy and wet.

In the second week of the month, heavy falls most North Island districts. Significant downpours affect most of South Island 4th-9th.   October is chilly, wintry, cloudy and wet for all.


November: Sunny but cool

From 6th-10th , heavy rainfalls likely for South Island, possible flood date 10th . Wetter than average in Auckland and Manawatu, around the top of the South Island and inland Otago.


December: dry for North Island and Canterbury in second and third weeks

Starts wet, then around 4th, potential for heavy rain with associated flooding for most of North Island, also South Island West Coast, top regions and S Canterbury to Southland. Hot and dry in second and third weeks, rain and floods just before Christmas in South Island and over Xmas in North Island. Christmas Day wet north of Taupo and dry south of Taupo, including most of South Island.



Extracted from Weather Almanac for NZ for 2013. Click here to order

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