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Weather Planning


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Longrange report packages.


For all Australia, New Zealand and Ireland forecasts. Our services and costs are as below. Forecast packages are sent as pdfs by email.


Customised location Reports:

                If you are a farmer and your needs are weather trend information in package form, for any distance ahead,  then you may purchase what you wish from the below range. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and email it back to us. If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to email or ring us.  

NZ and Ireland

All New Zealand and Ireland forecasts


1 week: 15AUD  (minimum)  

1 month: 52AUD,

3 months: 143AUD

6 months: 250AUD

1 year:    405AUD (rain only)

More than 1 year:  405AUD for the first year, and subsequent years 130.. 

The above may vary slightly due to currency exchange fluctuation.

            What you get (check with before ordering):

1-yr package,  includes, for one location, all of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, listed below: 


1. - daily rain data, temperature trends and if available, wind data etc on one continuous spreadsheet.


(This style)



2. -          graphs for easy reference

(This style) e.g for rain, in an overall total-at-a-glance graph plus 4-monthly breakdown rain graphs. Also graphs for temperatures, wind etc. 



3. -          tables showing wettest, warmest, coolest days etc in the report’s time period, in a priority order. 

(This style)



4. -          daily rain maps for whole country, showing one row per week, one month per page, 12 pages for the 12 months..

                  (This style)



      5. weekly rain distribution charts for the whole country, colour coded, 52 such maps per year.

(This style)



Other packages (1 month, 3 months, 6 months) include, for any location, 1, 2, 3 as below:


1. - daily rain data, temperature trends and if available, wind data etc on daily spreadsheet.

(This style)



2. -          daily rain maps for whole country, showing one row per week, one month per page, 12 pages..

 (This style)



              3.weekly rain distribution charts for the whole country, colour coded,

(This style)



To order any report package: 



Please fill out the following, then copy and paste the whole box into an email. 




Report length:

Location/nearest town:

Similar-weather town if in proximity:

Starting date of report:


Credit card account number:

Name on card:

Expiry date:

Contact phone number:



Send email to or

That's all there is to it. 


For any further queries please email to the same address.


We've been down this road before.


The secret to telling the future is revisiting the past. Longrange forecasting is about cycles. Working out your current cycle tells us about previous cycles. Weather patterns reoccur with each cycle return. We can use BoM databases or your own records if you have them. If neither then we can still work out your weather cycle from longitude and latitude.


We have the same databases as BoM and can prepare reports for any period ahead once we have worked out your cycle. For small towns with not much historically gathered data we find that other data collected within a circle of 50 -80kms of the town suffices because weather is general to a district.


All weather forecasting, whether short term, extended or longrange carries an expectancy of accuracy of about 80-85% with applicability/error ranging over 50-80 miles and a variation factor of 1-2 days.  In longrange forecasting taking a longer view of trends is more useful because of the accepted and unavoidable inexactness of all weather science, and any 3-4 day window of potential over any and all supplied data will probably give a better understanding of forthcoming conditions than focusing on any one day.


We ask that costs of services and products are prepaid. Therefore we require credit card details: name on card, account number and expiry date. The three-digit security number on the back of the card is not required, which makes the system more secure. All details are deleted from our system afterwards for added security.


If you have ordered from us in the past we would probably no longer hold your credit card details and you would need to re-supply. Personal cheques should be made out to Ken Ring Ltd, P.O.Box 60197 Titirangi, Auckland, 0642, NZ.  Please remember to include address, phone number, and email address, in case we need to contact you. 


Once we receive your details, the usual turnaround for (b) the forecast packages, is about 4-7 working days, subject to delay if we are out of town, conferencing, over holiday periods, or are experiencing technical computer issues.


All reports remain the intellectual property of the author and associates and are subject to international copyright laws. The report in whole or in part cannot be shared in any way with other parties without written permission of the author. By ordering a report you automatically agree to these conditions.




       Company Weather Planner

Our most comprehensive service for large companies is weather consultancy. For a one-off yearly fee, clients can have personal one-on-one telephone contact anytime throughout the subscripted period at director level, as well as our total product package which includes the almanac, a manually generated customised annual forecast for their location (70 documents), and open access to the subscription store of monthly updates.
The consultancy deal best suits those making month-ahead planning decisions, such as agricultural directors and farm managers, perennial mariners, event-managers and entertainment promoters, planners in the hotel and tour guide industry, ski operators, and turf management.
Clients will benefit from our team's accumulated experience of over 40 years of longrange forecasting, and will enjoy confidentiality, loyalty, dedication and commitment at the highest professional level to suit their needs.
Ours is a unique international service. The advice is practical and cost-saving, and will more than pay for itself, in the minimization of economic loss that comes with forewarning of weather trends. We also provide instruction on methodology.
We are here to help.

                Please contact us to find out more:
                Email , or phone +6498177625

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