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UK and Ireland weather for August


(pic: pressure map for 9 July, 2013, courtesy




The question is, will this return?

We have put together three sets of data:
1) the estimated isobaric maps for the UK/Ireland region.
2) the estimated temperature gradients based on high and low pressure zones
3) for August and September, monthly sets of quick-glance graphics*.

Estimations are that August should clear midway through this week in a couple of days time, slightly later than originally predicted but still within the accepted 1-3 day leeway in all weather forecasting. Colder temperatures in the north of UK have, in the second week of August probably been due to the moon's southward trek dragging Arctic air 'down'. When the moon starts coming 'up' again from the south after the full moon phase of 19th-21st (which should bring wind and rain) temperatures should again warm. The warmest temperatures, possibly close to 30C are expected again on specific dates later in August, and should look like this:

This should last about 4 days.

September is occasionally showery, with a drop in temperatures in the second week but still plenty of sunshine. Weather improves in the last week to enable farmers to gain a last hay cut.

Specifically for Ireland the east should be drier than the west. Soime counties may receive frequent odd showers along with sunshine in August, but no heavy rain systems are expected until October.

To find out more, and on which days to take off work and lay in the hot sun, please click here:
Cost: 11 Euro for the set of 4 document files, total of 124-pages


*For the purpose of past images to repesent different forecasts for different dates we have chosen Met Eireann graphics from different years. With careful regard to their copyright requirements we declare these bear no resemblance to Met Eireann forecasts, and responsibility for accuracy lies solely with Predictweather. We duly do thank and acknowledge Met Eireann for the use of their past images that we have chosen from the public domain such as are suitable for our new purpose. It is therefore new material, as Met Eireann do not do longrange forecasts. We assure that there is no connection between Predictweather and Met Eireann. If further clarification is needed please email

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