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International Event Diary Next 3 Months


(pic: Brisbane flood, 1974)


TC=tropical cyclone, TD=tropical depression, TL=tropical low, TS=tropical storm, Low=low pressure system. Allow 1-3 days error, as for all forecasting. More detailed disclaimer at end.



2013  3 Nov:  Squally weather in Ireland
2013  4 Nov:  Cambodia floods in NW
2013  5 Nov:  Stormy in Iceland 
2013  7 Nov:  Typhoon in Phillippines, Week of TS's in western Pacific,   
2013  10 Nov: Heavy rain coming to Turkey in next few days
2013  11 Nov: TD over Vanuatu, heavy rain Alabama next 3 days
2013  12 Nov: Typhoon over Phillippines
2013  13 Nov: TD moves towards Fiji but peters out in a day or two 
2013  15 Nov:  Low over Samoa, heavy rain Brisbane  
2013  19 Nov: TC in Bay of Bengal, heavy rain Auckland 
2013  22 Nov: Unusually warm in Belgium, heavy rain Sydney 
2013  24 Nov: Much rain Britain+Scotland, intense cold Scandanavia
2013  25 Nov: Heavy rain in Lisbon, Portugal, also Edinburgh, Scotland 
2013  27 Nov: Heavy rain in S Africa, heavy rain Brisbane for next 6 days
2013  28 Nov: Sweden W, snowstorms
2013  29 Nov: Rain comes to Sydney over next 5 days with flooding
2013  30 Nov: Much rain in Toowoomba

2013  1 Dec:  TD  over Fiji and then Tonga
2013  2 Dec:  Earthquake risk 5.9 Christchurch, drought farewelled in E Australia
2013  3 Dec:  TD over Samoa and S Cooks, heavy rain in Beirut over next 2 days
2013  4 Dec:  TD over Samoa and S Cooks
2013  5 Dec:  TD over Samoa and S Cooks, heatwave Brisbane over next 5 days 
2013  7 Dec:  Warm in Ireland, temps up to 20C, very cold Scandinavia
2013  8 Dec:  Fiji disturbance, two-week dry spell begins for North Island of NZ
2013  10 Dec: TD Fiji
2013  11 Dec: Hot air across Tasman from Australian deserts
2013  12 Dec: TD peters out over Kermadecs
2013  13 Dec: Next 4 weeks: record low temps in Scotland
2013  14 Dec: Very wet in Tasmania next 2 days
2013  15 Dec: Warm in New Orleans
2013  16 Dec: Rain and flooding Sydney
2013  17 Dec: TD descending from Solomon Is
2013  18 Dec: TD descending from Solomon Is, Very cold in Montana 
2013  20 Dec: TD still in Solomons, very cold in Tennessee, high temps in N Iceland
2013  21 Dec: TD Vanuatu, snow in NY, but high temps in Texas, heavy rain Brisbane
2013  22 Dec:  Floods in SI Canterbury and Otago, TDs Vanuatu + S Cooks
2013  23 Dec:  Next 7 days heavy rain in Durban, S Africa
2013  24 Dec:  TD New Caledonia, rain next 3 days Auckland
2013  25 Dec:  TC in Australia's NW 
2013  28 Dec:  Snowfalls heavy in next few days in NY and Boston, USA
2013  29 Dec:  Wet Northland, may affect kumara, monsoons Malaya next 5 days
2013  30 Dec:  Chance of snow in Ireland
2013  31 Dec:  TD in Samoa

2014  1 Jan:  TD in Samoa, heavy rain North Island
2014  2 Jan:  Start of wintry week for Ireland, heavy rain in Brisbane
2014  3 Jan:  Rain and floods Coromandel,  TD Fiji or Tonga
2014  4 Jan:  Extremely cold in Sweden
2014  5 Jan:  Bangladesh cold snap, rain, S Africa floods
2014  6 Jan:  Indonesia flooding 
2014  8 Jan:  TD forms SE of Solomons, bitterly cold in Scotland
2014  9 Jan:  30C at Whangamata, Rangitata flood, floods Brazil, UK+Scotland very cold
2014  10 Jan:  TD north of Fiji or Samoa
2014  12 Jan:  Waikato hot, big freeze N Ireland, very wet Brisbane for next 8 days
2014  13 Jan:  NI heatwave, UK +Ireland big freeze, 4 days heavy rain + floods in Sydney
2014  14 Jan:  Taumaranui may reach 30C or more. 
2014  16 Jan:  TC in Cooks
2014  17 Jan:  TC S Cooks as low forms E of Solomons
2014  18 Jan:  Three TLs forming in Pacific
2014  19 Jan:  Cyclone affects QLD, Waikato, floods Indonesia, TD S of Fiji
2014  20 Jan:  TD moves S
2014  21 Jan:  Waikato perfect growing conditions
2014  22 Jan:  Substantial rain upper NI
2014  23 Jan:  US E coast, snow and blizzards, Waikato heavy rain
2014  24 Jan:  Low over Fiji
2014  25 Jan:  Waikato+BoP, heavy rain
2014  26 Jan:  TD over Tonga
2014  28 Jan:  TD over Cooks
2014  29 Jan:  Warm next few days upper NI
2014  30 Jan:  Storm Auckland, S Waikato 

2014  1 Feb:  Washington floods 
2014  2 Feb:  Wet and flooding in Brisbane
2014  3 Feb:  Huge surf closes Coromandel and BoP beaches, heavy rainfalls Sydney
2014  4 Feb:  Cyclone on way, 2-week heatwave in SE QLD
2014  6 Feb:  Rain Waikato, Gis/HB affected most 
2014  9 Feb:  France floods 
2014  11 Feb: SW China blizzards
2014  12 Feb: In NZ 4 weeks of contrasting weather coming,  TD in Fiji  
2014  14 Feb: TD Fiji, wet week coming for Sydney
2014  15 Feb: Southern US big chill, Low over Fiji
2014  16 Feb: Very dry in Canterbury, Coromandel fireban
2014  17 Feb: Canterbury over 30C, S Cant rain+flooding, Europe shivers UK to Yugoslavia 
2014  19 Feb: Waikato heavy rainstorm
2014  20 Feb: TD N Caledonia 
2014  22 Feb: Low over Fiji
2014  23 Feb: Low over Vanuatu
2014  24 Feb: Waikato very hot
2014  25 Feb: Rio torrential rains
2014  26 feb:  TD south of Fiji 
2014  28 Feb: TC south of Solomons


Disclaimer to the event diary
All weather forecasting, be it short term, extended range and longrange, deals with general weather over a wide area of about 50-80kms and allows for a 1-2 day leeway. Some longrange predictions listed here may in instances even be up to a week out, considering that this list was compiled 18 months ago. All the above are written already into one of our three almanacs. The suggestions are based on repeating cycles of severe weather, from 18-20, 35-38 and 76 years ago for timing (lunar) and 11 and 22-24 years ago (solar) for magnitudes. Of course space and time prohibits publishing every extreme event. In the end they are opinions, not certainties, as with all weather forecasts. Predictions are intended to assist and prepare, not cause anxiety.

We are mindful of some working to undermine anything suggestive of alternative beliefs in science. Therefore we suggest that a little investigation will reveal moon, sun, planets and cycles is all regular science. To those who find longrange weather predictions helpful to their planning; our work is only intended for you. Critics might consider reading elsewhere.

For any queries please email

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