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2016 Ireland regional Gardening Calendar


For the keen gardener
The 2016 Provincial planting guide is in the form of a printable wall calendar. It is supplied as a pdf  which means it can be read from any electronic device or printed out. 
The double landscape A4 size layout lists monthly activities for the flower and shrub garden, trees and vines, vegetable and herb gardens, temperature graphs, weather conditions and moon phases and signs. Daily activities are also described. 
Cost: 10.81 EURO

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2016 Connaught Region Gardening Calendar

2016 Leinster Region Gardening Calendar

2016 Mid East Region (including Dublin) Gardening Calendar

2016 Munster (South) Region Gardening Calendar

2016 South East Region Gardening Calendar

2016 South West Region Gardening Calendar

2016 Ulster Northwest Region Gardening Calendar

2016 Mid West region (Shannon) Region Gardening Calendar

2016 Midlands Region Gardening Calendar

Astrological planting techniques have been around for thousands of years. They remain unchanged up to the present day and are still used in ancient cultures. Prominent are moon phases and moon signs. Most organic agriculturalists and biodynamic farmers know and carry on these traditions with excellent results. Planting by the moon is internationally accepted as a viable and healthy system of agriculture. It is not necessary to observe every last detail, but incorporating at least some of these principles will make a visible difference to the success of your gardening. We wish you every success!

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Sample double page display:

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