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Longrange for September


As September begins, a storm over China weakens as it moves northwest but still brings falls of between 100 and 300 mm in some southern provinces. 

In the four weeks after the 12th, while monthly totals are well above normal over the western and southern Europe, it will be the second successive dry 4 weeks over Scandinavia. Less than 33% of normal rain will fall over the area, while Helsinki’s total of 12 mills will be around 16% of normal.

After 10th, slow-moving storms will bring some heavy falls in the central Mediterranean. Sicily will receive over 300 mm of rain between the 10th and the 22nd. Included in this will be a 12 hour fall of over 100 mills up to midday around the 21st, some of which will fall as hail.

In the US, the extreme heat which has prevailed over the southern states during most of their summer extends into mid-September also. Dallas will measure about 42°C on around the 14th.

After being warmer than normal everywhere, from about the middle of September, the weather in Ireland is generally unsettled, warmer and wetter than normal, and sunshine totals may be above normal in the western half of the country, but dull in the east and south-east.

London will receive heavy rain on the 26th and 30th. Warm temperatures of above 20° will continue until the first few days of October.

A series of Pacific storms affecting central Chile will make it an exceptionally wet 4 weeks from the 12th. Santiago may receive over 100 mm in a month, almost 4 times its normal rainfall for the time of year. Included in its total will be a 12 hour fall of around 40 mm on the 22nd.

The first week of October will bring some very early summer weather to eastern parts of Australia, where maxima of 30°C may be generally recorded, and over 40°C in parts of Queensland, up to 15° higher than normal.

World temperatures are subject to cycles of the sun's heat and local conditions. Weather timing is controlled by the moon. Global warming/climate change, the idea that the activities of Man can influence temperatures in any way, is pure nonsense, the scientific scam of the century, and an elaborate financial taxation fraud, and will be borne out in the northern hemisphere by a bitterly cold January.

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