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  Summer Isobaric Maps 10/12/2017
Summer Isobaric Maps
  For NZ/Australia region. The isobaric (weather) maps as they will appear on TV each day, for all Dec 2017 through to 28 Feb 2018. Scroll and see the weather change as if it was a movie! Accuracy 90%. Allow +/-24 hours Cost: 29.95
  New Meteorological Techniques 05/12/2017
New Meteorological Techniques
  This book contains information on solar cycles between now and 2100, down to working out any season. The moon is charted up until 2030, showing closer perigees. Cost:57.88NZD (+42 postage)
  How To Predict Earthquakes (in advance) 05/12/2017
How To Predict Earthquakes (in advance)
  This book means you'll never get caught out again. Written in layman's language, it explains what an earthquake really is and how you can watch for the signs. A 'weighting' system has been developed that you can use instantly. 280 pages Cost: 24.35NZD (+18 postage)
  The Romany's Apprentice 05/12/2017
The Romany's Apprentice
  The tale of a lad in the 1950s and 1960s, and how he found himself in a $10m home. A study of the Romany culture from a psychological point of view. 216 pages Cost: 19.95NZD (+18 postage)
  A Fiery Tale 05/12/2017
A Fiery Tale
  A satire about global warming, and a children's tale. The Evil Environmentalists are wrecking the planet by taxing everything. But a small boy saves the world! 90 pages. Cost: 8.95NZD (+17 postage)
  We Used to Call it Summer 05/12/2017
We Used to Call it Summer
  Whenever it is a warm day it must be global warming, but when it cools again it's not called anything. Global warming is part of the fake news industry, a left wing tendency to reduce science to emotionalism. It was started by Maggie Thatcher in the late 1970s, to deal a crushing blow to the coal miners union. 356 pages Cost: 32.95NZD (+17 postage)
  Greetings! 04/12/2017
  I'm glad to say the forecasts (on the left) will be available until the end of 2019. But due to ill health, the last of the almanacs was 2017, for NZ, Australia and Ireland. The calendars also finish at the of this year. I would like to thank everyone for their loyalty and interest. Your support over the 20 years has made the books possible. I hope over the years the work has been of some benefit. I still believe that is the meteorology of the future!
  Predictions for under a dollar a day. 31/12/2015
Predictions for under a dollar a day.
  For less than the cost of a cup of coffee you can find out weather for any planned future event. Most of us know what weather we have had. This website offers estimations on what is coming; weeks, months and years ahead.
  Supertramp, the Story of Bruce 22/12/2014
Supertramp, the Story of Bruce
  Bruce, the all-weather man, lived in the raw and on the road. Full length account of a swaggie in an earlier New Zealand. Cost: 29.99(NZD)
  The Lunar Code 14/11/2014
The Lunar Code
  Updated theory of the moon method explaining how seasons repeat roughly every 18-20 years, with a guide to predicting for at least the next 150 years. Cost: $29.95 NZD (overseas orders add postage) Also available as an e-book in downladable pdfs. Cost: 19.95

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