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  2020 Australian Weather e-Almanac 21/10/2019
2020 Australian Weather e-Almanac
  Instantly downloadable package comprising one-month-per-page daily rain maps; weekly rain maps (colour), max+min temps(colour), sun tables, e-book of 2020 Almanac, diary of significant events 2020,and the 2020 fishing calendar. Cost:62AUD
  2020 Weekly Rain Distribution for NZ 20/10/2019
2020 Weekly Rain Distribution for NZ
  In color for the whole country, each weekly map shows how much rain is expected. Therefore you receive 53 rain maps for 2020. Sold as a whole package. Cost: 189 (for the year)
  2020 Ireland Weather e-Almanac 19/10/2019
2020 Ireland Weather e-Almanac
  Instant download. In the old book format. Easy-to-read daily rain charts for all counties, plus temps, tables, sunshine, snow information, diary of events, and story-of-weather introduction. Covers 1 Jan-31 Dec 2020. Extensive tables for every month. Cost: 49.90BP
  2020 NZ Weather e-Almanac 18/09/2019
2020 NZ Weather e-Almanac
  Similar, but more extensive than the hard copy book. Comprises Jan-Dec 2020, with regional rain maps, frost and snow, max+min temps, over 1700 maps in all, temps in colour. Includes significant events, all instantly downloadable, plus a comparative years' narrative, and fishing calendar. 230 pages Cost: 59.90
  2020 NZ Gardening Calendar 02/09/2019
2020 NZ Gardening Calendar
  A calendar pdf that can be printed out and hung on the shed door. Daily rain maps, temperatures and frost notes (in color) for the whole country. Extensive explanation of theory. Water table graphs. Choose when to plant and when to prune. Cost:24
  This week across Australia 31/03/2019
This week across Australia
  Weather across Australia 29 Jan-4 Feb 2020 Allow 1-2 days leeway as in all forecasting.
  One year's rain (daily) forecast for Australian farmers, location-specific 20/02/2019
One year's rain (daily) forecast for Australian farmers, location-specific
  A detailed package comprising a rain spreadsheet for the year (location-spcefic), rain see-at-a-glance graphs, and the weekly rain dataset for the year for the whole country in colour. In all, over 70 maps. Cost:405AUD
  Weekly Rainfall Distribution for Australia up until 2028 08/01/2019
Weekly Rainfall Distribution for Australia up until 2028
  In colour for the whole country, every week's map shows how much rain is expected. Therefore you receive 5 rain maps for each month. You can order for any month from now til 2028. Sold as monthly packages, or for year lots. Cost: 25AUD for each month. Cost: 275AUD for year.
  Yearly Rainfall Distribution for Australia, 2018-2028 07/01/2019
Yearly Rainfall Distribution for Australia, 2018-2028
  Available for all years, 2018-2028. Comprising one map per season, and an overall map for the year, showing expected rain amounts for the whole country. In colour. Five maps per year. Available as single maps (for seasons) or cheaper for the set of five. Cost: 35AUD each map, 130AUD for a year.
  2020 Snow season reports for NZ 05/01/2019
2020 Snow season reports for NZ
  Graphs and summaries (covers whole year) for Chateau, Ohakune, Mt Hutt Craigieburn, Wanaka and Queenstown. Plan best days to take the family to the slopes. Daily precipitation, sunshine, max and min temps, dew points, wind origin directions, relative humidity and wind strengths. Cost:$39
  2021 Weather maps, Australia 03/01/2019
2021 Weather maps, Australia
  Comprises daily maps (one month per page), weekly, seasonally, and annual (in colour), for the whole country. Cost:290AUD
  2020 Fishing Calendar 01/01/2019
2020 Fishing Calendar
  Sometimes referred to as the Maori Fishing Calendar, this is a universal system that works anywhere in the world. Here we list best days and which coasts to get the best catches for 2020. Cost: 17.50 (NZD)
  To find out what the weather will be 05/01/2018
To find out what the weather will be
  Click on "Forecasts" at left. Plan ahead and choose the best date, weather-wise. Cost: 6.95
  Drought 2020 03/01/2018
Drought 2020
  Weather is determined by astronomical and physical reasons which are under fixed cyclic control. Predictions of potentials and trends is possible from analysing factors that produced weather in past years.
  Predictions for under a dollar a day. 28/12/2017
Predictions for under a dollar a day.
  For less than the cost of a cup of coffee you can find out weather for any planned future event. Most of us know what weather we have had. This website offers estimations on what is coming; weeks, months and years ahead.
  The Electric Earth 07/12/2017
The Electric Earth
  When warm, wet air rises, it cools, and water vapor condenses out to form clouds. But why does air rise in the first place?
  New Meteorological Techniques 05/12/2017
New Meteorological Techniques
  This book contains information on solar cycles between now and 2100, down to working out any season. The moon is charted up until 2030, showing closer perigees. Cost:57.88NZD (+42 postage)
  How To Predict Earthquakes (in advance) 05/12/2017
How To Predict Earthquakes (in advance)
  An explanation of what an earthquake really is, times to expect them and how to recognize signs. A 'weighting' system that you can use instantly. How we predicted the 2011 Christchurch events 6 months prior, and the 2016 Kaikoura event. 280 pages Cost: 24.35NZD (+18 postage)
  The Romany's Apprentice 05/12/2017
The Romany's Apprentice
  The tale of a lad in the 1950s and 1960s, and how he found himself in a $10m home. A study of the Romany culture from a psychological point of view. 216 pages Cost: 19.95NZD (+18 postage)
  We Used to Call it Summer 05/12/2017
We Used to Call it Summer
  Global warming is part of the fake news industry, a left wing tendency to reduce science to emotionalism. Started by Maggie Thatcher in the late 1970s, to deal a crushing blow to the coal miners union. The real scientific facts. 356 pages Cost: 32.95NZD (+17 postage)

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