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Supertramp, the Story of Bruce


The story of Bruce

How would you make smoked fish on toast without smoked fish or a toaster? How do you get a hot bath out in the open without a bath?

Walking out of the city with absolutely nothing, Bruce discovers by trial and error how to survive hunger and the cold. By watching birds, he learns what can be eaten in the wild.

This is Bruce and his cat, in the raw and on the road, a full length account, possibly the first, of a life of a swagman in a New Zealand that is fast disappearing.

But it is more than that.  Millionaire or beggar, the steps to success on any level are the same. Bruce's story is one of grit and determination. It is about the workings of the soul and the universal spirit in us all.

This is a tale of hope - and how, if yoi too have a dream, any dream, you too can fulfill it.
Take the first step, take the second, make it a reality

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