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2023-2024 Australia Biennial Weather Almanac


New book available now 

2023-2024 Australian Weather Biennial Almanac 


 Almost every 10 years there have been floods in NSW, 1990, 2000, 2010 and 2021, so what year are we expecting to get back to drier years or drought? Where will the Murray Darling be flooding in 2024?  What states will be affected by it? When does La Nina finish?  

Our new book for Australian farmers is two almanacs combined, 2023 and 2024. This is a weather guide for the next two years and may answer all questions that growers, producers, distributors and planners may have. It replaces the Australian Almanacs of the past, which were limited to one year, as a minimum of two years is necessary to properly plan ahead. 

We cover over 80 towns and areas in 7 states. General trends for each state are discussed per month along with graphs and tables, including rainfall stats, and, at the end of the book are one-month-per-page rainfall figures. A weather diary runs through each state’s summary, so that extreme weather events can be averted. 

There is, in color, a weather event overview for each year, rainfall anomalies tables and graphs, the seasonal rainfall summary for each part of the state, temperatures anomalies tables, trend graphs, and temperature seasonal overviews. 

Finally, the El Nino/La Nina situation is discussed, and the reader is shown how to work out future years. Near the end of 2024, the 2025-2026 book will become available, followed by the 2027-2028 and then 2029-2030 almanac equivalents. We sincerely hope this book will prove to be a useful aid to your farming operation.

Cost: 72AUD (half price)

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